You will experience this tour through an amazing rainforest to one of Suriname’s most beautiful and largest waterfalls.

Departure towards the Blanche Marie starts with the collecting of the guests in the early morning hours, after which we head to Coronie where breakfast will be consumed. Thereafter, we take a walk through Nickerie where a short sight-seeing session can commence. By motorized boat over the Corantijn-river the boat-ride of an hour and a half takes us to the Amer-Indian village Orealla residing at the banks of the Guyanese part of the river, for the Corantijn-river is the bordering river between Guyana and Suriname. While walking through the village our guide will explain a lot about the history, culture and the nature of the bordering flora. The next 45 minutes consists of the trip of the Amer-Indian village Apoera which will be our base-camp for the coming days. While you are getting acquainted with the area lunch will be prepared and shortly after, consumed. Relaxation time in the refreshing waters follow or in the hammocks, if you so prefer. Coffee is enjoyed in the evening time after having gone through the itinerary of the next day and a light diner will surely put you to a good rest.

The next day starts with breakfast where after the road takes us to the Blanche Marie falls where arrival is around noon. While on the road, our guide tells you about the area, surrounding nature, the history of the never-used, but decades old, train-station and the saw-mills which we pass along the way. Lunch will be had right next to the falls and the remainder of the day is there enjoyed either in the sun, hammocks, or in the cool water. Upon arrival to Apoera dinner is served and the guide will have time later at the campfire to take you through the next day.

The third day we take a walk through Apoera which is followed by a boat ride to a beautiful bank in the river between neighboring Guyana and Suriname. A stop will be made in the waters which surround an island known for its hundreds of birds of various species. Lunch waits at Apoera and the afternoon is continued by a walk through Kwamala, which is a neighboring village just a short boat ride away. Here, the participants have a chance to purchase some souvenirs and/or take pictures. The next destination is the Kaboeri creek and here we have a good chance of spotting some giant otters in their natural habitat. In the evening, the barbeque is lit and you can enjoy your meal under the stars and reminisce the marvelous day you have experienced.

On our last day, we pack up after breakfast and the boat takes us back to Nickerie in 2 ½ hours because no stops will have to be made along the way. In Nickerie we’ll enjoy some local lunch and we head on to Paramaribo short after.

Price: € 350,- p/p
Minimal 7 persons

Included is: 
– Transport to and from (boat, pick up and bus)
– Experienced guide
– Accommodation (hammock or bed)
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Snacks, fruits
– Medical kit
– All non-alcoholic beverages

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