When visiting Paradise Island the most important point is the nice relaxation (in a hammock), swimming in the clear water, sunbathing and / or fishing on Toekoenari (bass type) and the famous piranhas.

The Van Blommenstein (Brokopondo) reservoir is 1560 km2 placed underwater area, located at the foot of Brownsberg and surrounded by other mountains. This area is put under water in 1960s to provide the dam from thrust, so that energy can be generated for bauxite processing. Today, this generated energy is used by a large part of Paramaribo. Surrealistic are the trips between the treetops above the water, the extensive starry skies and breathtaking nature. The surrounding forest provides a home for the surrounding Marron villages, that almost live according to ancient traditions.

Here you have during the walk, a great opportunity to see parrots, forest pigs, squirrels, hares gold and many other species of animals in their natural environments. En route the guide and locals will explain the variety of plants species and their medicinal use.

Standard on this tour is a walk to Witiekreek or visit the old gold mine. We will also visit several Marron villages in the area. During this walk is also a detailed explanation given by the guide on the surrounding flora and fauna and culture of the Marrons.

The boat trip to Paradise Island takes about 1,5 hours from the dam.

There will be slept in very good and clean lodges, some rooms have their own bath and toilet.

The following facilities are there:
– Modern bath and toilets
– Swimming pool
– Barbecue place
– Comfortable chairs
– Lighting by solar panels
– Hammock camp

Included in the tour are:
– All transportation (boat, bus)
– Accommodation
– Experienced guide
– Culinary delights of our cook
– All non-alcoholic beverages
– Snacks and fruit
– Medical kit

Price: 300,- euro p.p. all inclusive (3 days)
Minimum 8 persons

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This tour is repeated every weekday (working day).

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